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Fellow reloaders and Revered Braintrust -

I was talking with IDshooter below and brought up the practice of miking the diameter of fired primers to get an indication of chamber pressure. My experience has been limited to Rem 9.5s but he plans to work up some personal data with CCIs.

This is just a way to quantify the extent to which a primer is "flattened". My experience to date is that there is potential here to track high pressure quite accurately, as long as several variables are held constant:

1. Headspace must be good
2. Primer pocket needs rounded entry
3. Brass must be one type
4. Seating must be firm, with consistent entry pressure noted.
5. Velocity must be measured.
6. Powder type must be constant.

Has anyone heard of, or been involved in this practice?

Is there any interest in some of us making measurements and sharing data on this site?

I guess the variable would be primer diameter at which you achieve a given Max velocity, but it could be simply velocity and diameter by powder type and bullet weight.
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