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Has there been any talk of Prince Charles having a twenty two thousand pound .243 built for his son?
I'm not fond of .243's in general but I'll bet its a nice rifle!
Gives a bit of hope for the Royal family...

How does the average man feel about this?

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Hi William

First ive heard of it ,the British press has said nothing yet? They will and it will be negative, thats for sure. Our press loves to hate our Royal family and there fondness for driven phesaent, grouse shooting and fox hunting on horse back with hounds.

Willaim were did you hear about this ? Like i said i have heard nothing yet ?

Regards Englander

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Sorry, I couldn't find a link, so I'm posting the whole story.
Prince William gets $45,000 gun

Handmade weapon a gift from Charles


The Prince of Wales has given Prince William one of the finest sporting
guns in the world so that he can pursue his passion for deer hunting.

The gun, costing an estimated $45,000, was handmade in Scotland,
engraved with a special motif and in laid with gold. Built around a
Mauser action, it is a large-bore hunting rifle of .243 calibre, a
weapon designed for a skilled shot.

Prince Charles is thought to have made the gift after his son started
his studies at St. Andrews, Scotland. The university is about two hours'
drive from the Balmoral estate, which is renowned for its deer hunting.

Early last year, the prince was given the run of a four-bedroom hunting
lodge near Balmoral for use as a weekend retreat while he was at St.

The prince shot his first deer at the age of 14, prompting protests from
animal rights activists. He "took the stag" on at the western end of
Loch Muick near Balmoral, and there were uncon firmed reports he was
"blooded" having the blood of his first kill smeared on his face.

The late Diana, Princess of Wales was forced to disclose that she had
not fallen out with her son over his enthusiasm for deer stalking.

William has also become an accomplished game shot, a passion he shares
with Prince Philip, his grandfather.

Last autumn, Philip hosted William and his friends for a weekend shoot
at Sandringham. Through the winter, the young prince attends a number of
shooting parties at different estates.

His interest in shooting was also encouraged by his father.

Charles once justified his love of field sports by telling students at
Cambridge: "The fact that I do go hunting is not because I actually
enjoy massacring other creatures. I deeply revel in nature; I really do
enjoy animals as such. It is part of man's curious instinct over
thousands and thousands of years to go hunting, but perhaps my breeding
is wrong."

That breeding has been passed on to William, who, friends say, is an
excellent shot.

His gun was made by Michael Lingard, a craftsman based at Friockheim,
Angus, near some of the finest country homes of the Scottish
aristocracy, including Glamis Castle, where the late Queen Mother grew

Well known among collectors and sportsmen, Lingard does not advertise.
His prices are a matter for negotiation, depending on the precise
requirements, from type of stock to engraving.

Last week Lingard said: "I am sorry, I am not able to talk about this."
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Sunday, April 14, 2002


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This was sent to me from a friend who says that a fellow named Terrence Blacker wrote the article. Not flattering to the Royal family.

The Queen is rather well thought of around here for her love of hunting dogs and the recent incident where she rung the necks of some pheasents. My kind of Grandmother!

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Twenty-two thousand pounds?  Well... that ought to cut the recoil down to nothing, LOL!

Seriously.... who the HECK considers a .243 a "Large Bore"?!?!?!?!  That's one of the funnier things I have read... wonder what they'd think of my .338 Win Mag?  Or even .45 Colt revolver?  That writer ought to look up his own history of .577s, .600s, even 8, 4 and 2 gauge black powder rifles (cannons?) for dangerous game.

I think that the British even came up with a .577 REVOLVER catridge at one point!

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Picture J Miller biting his tongue as he writes this.

I wanted to comment about this article.  But all could come up with is sniping sarcasm about the "Upper Class Elete" and their privleges that the common British cannot even dream of having.
Since I don't feel like writing that or mentioning that $45,000.00 exceeds my last five years income.  

All I can say is that it is nice to hear stories about fathers buying their sons firearms and encouraging them to shoot and hunt.
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