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I followed Lee's instructions to drizzle Liquid Alox and tumble to cover and place on wax paper. The I sized in Lee's sizer die
in my RCBS Rock-chucker press. I re lubed as instructed.
I tried to drie over 24 hours but the accumulation was getting stickey. When I tried to seat the bullets, Alox got on many of the cases. Then when I tried to crimp with the Lee Factory crimp the Alox accumulated in the die and finally the thing pulled apart. It was a real mess and finally the retained spring got twisted and the die can't be reassembled.
I had to clean each case and the the top of the bullet with mineral spirts to get rid of the sticky Alox.
I followed the instructions but obviously used way too much Alox.
What are your experiences in using Liquid Alox?:mad:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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