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The Folks at NEI and others say the proper way to slug a revolver is to pass the slug through the cylinder rather than the barrel. I slugged my Ruger Red Hawk 44 magnum with a 7 1/2" barrel. The Cylinder was .432 the end of barrel next to the cylinder .432 and the muzzel end of barrel is .430.
I have an RCBS Keith style mould that cast as is .430.
Its seems I am getting a lot of stiff gray patches when I clean the gun.
Is this residue the leading that I hear about in cast bullet shooting, would switching to a .432 bullet cure the problem?
Would a .432 bullet shoot that much better?
All bullets were lubed with Paco Kelly's Blue Apache.
9.6 grains of Unique at about 1125 feet per second.
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