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If you're going to replace the stock, why not go with set made of real American walnut? Give Precision Gun Works a look. They have stocks made specifically for the Rossi 92 carbines at a reasonable price.

Rossi buttstock @ $69.

Rossi forestock @ $49.

For the stock Rossi sights, I think you'd be better off going with a Marbles semi-buckhorn rear and brass bead post. I used the following on my 357mag Rossi carbine, however, you might want to check with Steve on the correct height for the front sight on a 45/454 as I think its a bit higher:

I got the Marbles sights at Brownells:
  • 1ea Marble 45-W 3/32" Gold front sight - Stock no. 579-204-531 (I got the 3/32" wide one but if you want more precision they also have a 1/16" wide one too)
  • 1ea Marble #64 Dovetail Semi-Buckhorn Rear, Short Shank- Stock No. 579-064-001
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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