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I have never purchased a rifle from Cabellas, however I have purchased many other things from them and have found their service to be outstanding.

As for the rifle,
All of the 66s and 73s on the market, are made by Aldo Uberti. They make them for Navy Arms, EMF, Cimmaron, Taylor & Co., Cabella's, and anyone else who sells them. The only real difference is some companies offer special calibers such as the Cimmaron in 38-40. The rifles are fine. Once in a while there is a lemon, but that can happen with anyone, even Marlin or USRAC. Have an action job done on it, Work up a load that shoots well, and enjoy it. I am planning on getting either a 66, or 73 rifle in the near future. My best bud and "would be" dad, has two 66s and one 73, for SASS. Although they aren't the guns he uses all the time, he shoots every weekend, and has yet to have a problem with any of them.

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