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What happended to all the loads? the last time I went to it there was way over 1000 loads ,now it's below 1000 and I didn't notice any loads from the powder companys.

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    Yeah, I noticed that too. I'll take this opportunity to say that while I appreciate the powder companies' data, I would prefer to have it separated from people's personal data in loadswap. I can access their data from several sources, but loadswap is the only place I can get other shooters' real-world data.
       Just a suggestion, if you are bringing the powder companies' data back on-line.          ID

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What data you you noticed missing is the data from Alliant Powder Company. Alliant has worked with us to provide the newest and most accurate reloading data available. We are working once again to bring you the newest data from Alliant. The new data should be online in a short period of time, you will be able to view Alliants new reloading manual online before it comes off the press.

As you may well imagine, the logistics involved with cordinating the different powder manufacturers' data has been a tedious one. As you may know, IMR's handgun data is online, and the rifle data is on it's way. Vihtovouri's complete manual will be online as soon as we hear back from their headquarters in Finland, and the you can be looking for Wincheter's data in the near future as well.

As for the seperation on User-Submitted and Commercial data, I am currently working on a plug-in to the current program which would allow the end-user (you), to choose which powder companies' data to view/show, if any. This should give you a fairly easy way to break down and seperate commercial and non-commercial data.

Thank you for your comments, and feel free to share anyother ideas you may have,

Alex Stanton
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