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Question For Marshall

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Whlie testing my hand loads yesterday with your 280 bullets over 53 gr of Reloader#7, my lever on my 444P popped open 3 out of twenty shots. Before I lapped the barrel I fired 40 rounds with factory bullets without a hitch. Recoil was much heavier than with the jacked loads. Is this normal?
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This is NOT a normal situation!  Stop, and reduce the load of RL-7!!!  I don't know what pressure signs you are running, but a lever popping open upon recoil is not kosher!  Back that load off a couple of grains and see what happens.   It could be a pressure related issue, but then too, without wanting to worry you, it very well could be nothing more than the increased recoil causing the lever to stay in your hand while the rifle recoils rearward, thus making it appear that the lever "popped open", when in actuality the lever is slightly actuated by being held stationary in your hand while the rifle recoils.  I've had this happen with the 330 grain bullets in the .444, and shooting either off hand or off of a bench, then either taking my hand out of the lever loop, and gripping around the lever rather than through it, there was never a problem.  Too, I've taken the same load that appeared to "pop" as you put it, when shooting from a bench, then put a 25# bag of shot between the butt of the gun and my shoulder to prevent the rearward movement of the rifle, and wallah!  No more problem.  I wouldn't be surprised if you find this to be the case with your load/rifle.  

Let us know what you find!

By the way, what kind of accuracy did you get with that load of RL-7 and the .432"-280g WFNGC?

God Bless,

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