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Dear Marshall,
I recently bought a 444P and love its qualities in the brush.  I bought some 330grn Beartooth bullets and am wondering if there is a special combination for depth and crimping.  My P-model is very finicky about over-all length and I nearly have to go past the forward crimp groove for the gun to digest the loads.  
Do you have a particular fondness for fire-lapping?  I am new to the thought of fire-lapping.  Would this explain why I have my rear sight adjusted all the way up for just Remington 240 grn factory stuff?  I tried some 330 grn loads and it shot incredibly low even at 100 yards.
I did anchor a 6 x 7 bull this year with a neck shot at 15 yards with the 444P, but the bullet did not make it out the back of the neck....Killed the beautiful beast, but made me really worry about load performance.
Any tutoring would be greatly appriciated.
God Bless,
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