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I am loading the 205 cast bullet in my ballards rifled 35 Rem RC.
The rifle is short throated and the rifling is in contact with the top band of the bullet.
I am using 38 gr. of Varget and federal gold primers which gives good performance.
I intend to load the bullet deeper into the case and crimping on the top band.
Has anyone worked with this and how much did you reduce your powder charge?
Thanking you in advance.

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Harry, I've run into the same issue. My solution was to load to the max OAL (till the bullet shows slight rifling marks) and then just bump the case mouth into the bullet, wherever it ended up. With cast bullets this is not a big deal, just don't get too carried away. All you need is for the case mouth to just 'bite' the side of the bullet enough so it can't be pushed back into the case. Your loads will be a full case of powder or compressed slightly, which will also help prevent the bullet from going back under recoil.

The .35 has a small case capacity, personally I would not reduce it any more than I had to.

As far as the crimp being necessary to help ignition, well, you are going to achieve some of that effect by having the bullet start out against the rifling. If you would rather have a good strong crimp or your testing indicates it may be necessary, then I would suggest a Lee Factory Crimp die and be done with it.

Unless your testing shows an accuracy advantage to seating deeper and using the crimp groove, I would personally not bother.

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I don't have a 35 Rem, but my 30-06 shoots cast bullets best when they are seated so the rifling engraves the front driving band. I have had no problems whatsoever with this method, so I would say it's not broke, don't worry about fixing it.
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