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hi.... does anybody out there know anything about C-H presses ..... i am thinking about their CH 444 " H" press .... want to use it for handgun loads .... .357 .44 spc. .45 colt 454 casull 475 linebaugh 480 ruger ... thanks for looking ...... farmer 45

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Way when bullets were still made out of stone

My first loading press was a Dunbar, an H press like the CH you mentioned.
I loaded a truck load of 45 Colt, 45-70, and 243 on that old press. I swapped the Dunbar off for a RCBS, I think.
I've got a CH two station press out in the loading shed that most likely will be used as a paper weight.
May I suggest that for the price, the Dillon Square Deal is better press for loading pistol ammo.
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