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Question regarding "over-stabilization" and twist ratios...

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Kind of a technical question, but...

I understand that a barrel has to have a sufficient twist ratio in order to stabilize bullets in flight. Other than a bullet coming apart and fragmenting mid-flight, how is a bullet "over-stabilized".

Example... Let’s say one 308W bullet stabilized with a 1-10 Twist, and another is stabilized with a 1-12 twist. Why would it hurt stabilization and accuracy if you lowered the twist of both rounds as long as they don’t fragment mid-flight?

My understanding is that different gr bullets need different twist ratios due to their length. And it makes sense. But it doesn’t make sense that a bullet spinning too fast can be less accurate. (As long as it doesn’t come apart)
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Okay, so imperfections in the bullet are amplified more the faster it spins. Makes sense.

What I am now having questions about is bullets pointing nose down at longer ranges. The Marine Corps has always taught me that a bullet stays at the same angel as it’s fired. And it sounds like a few of you are suggesting that a bullets nose drops at longer ranges and enters the target the same as it would 100m. So if you fellas could clarify if you are saying that of not. And if so, how does that work.

by the way, thanks for the to the articles MZ5.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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