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Questions about Kroil

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A friend gave me some Kroil. I've read that it's good for getting lead and copper fouling out of the barrels of firearms. Any recommendations as to how to use it? How long should I let it sit and work before attempting to remove the lead or copper fouling? All information would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Does seem to penetrate well. I follow it with plain oil ! NOT worth the price that Kano asks for it.

I won't order more at the current price.

Is about time. Kroil is purdy fast.

Slow soak in kerocene will get you there, but will take longer.

I remember trying that mix after reading a thread here MikeG. So I mixed a small amount for testing. Unclenick came up with something that allowed them to do so in his testing.

Purdy sure this occured before "Gun cleaning" existed as a forum. Not sure where to perform a search, or what terms to use? I do know that I and Unclenick posted in the thread though! Might find it that way?

I found the thread I was thinking of.

I never really messed with it past that.

Hope it helps you Kermit.

1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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