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I was noticing in some photos of guns for sale that the
S&W 745 and 4563 and 945 pistols had fully ramped and
( I assume) supported barrels and I was wondering what
other SW 45 cal models might also have them.

I do not think the 4506 does but I am not certain.
Are there others?
The reason is for the shooting of Triple-Plus P 45 Super loads.

For those that dont think I need the extra power of +P let alone
45 Super ammo should know that I have been offered 20 million
dollars to shoot a momma Grizzley bear with S&W 45 ACP pistol :)

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My older 4506 has a ramped barrel, but it has the lighter slide. The more recent 4506s, I believe, went to the slightly heavier slide of the 1006. My 1006 slide is 1.6 oz. heavier than my 4506 slide. You are going to need all the weight you can get in a slide and a much heavier recoil spring for this project.
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