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Those of us who shoot 40 S&W and handload should take a close look at Ramshot's new Enforcer Powder. This is a very unique propellant, which boosts the 40 S&W to actual 10MM auto performance at modest pressures and still achieves top velocities equivalent to H110 in the 454 Casull. In theory, this is not possible, as the burn rates for max velocities for these two cartriges are miles apart.

In any event, their current manual lists 15.3 grs of Enforcer as driving the 155 gr hornady XTP 1375 fps from a 4 inch bbl. That's 650 FPE at 31,380 PSI with only a 12 fps standard deviation. SAAMI max is 35,000 PSI, so tis well within the comfort zone for every day use.

I ran some of these max loads through my CZ 75 with 4.7 inch bbl and averaged 1410 fps with no definitely likes the longer barrel.

This made me try a few of these loads in my Ruger PC 40 Carbine with 16.5 inch bbl and they averaged 1855 fps for 1187 FPE, making the little semi-auto superior to the 223 carbines as and entry weapon for police work. The energies are the same, but the 40 gives a whopping 64% increase in knock down power without even considering the benefit of a 79% increase in bullet diameter. Its a legitiamte 75 yard deer load with Speer Gold Dots.

It duplicates H110 and W296 in all of the other Mag revolver loads listed, including 357, 44 and 454. For example, 31.5 grs of Enforcer delivers 1884 fps from a 7.5 inch bbl with the Nosler 260 gr Partition bullet.

They even list a 19,516 PSI load for the 45 auto pushing the 230 gr Hornady XTP 1025 small feat from a 4 inch bbl.
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