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I have tried the Big Game, and it is sort of a mixed bag to me. I tried it in the 30-06 and .257 Roberts. I only got good accuracy with max loads and heavier bullets in either caliber, though velocity was always consistent. It gave velocities similar to IMR 4350 in my rifles, a little slower than H4350.
As for clean burning, it doesn't leave a heavy residue in the bore like some of the slower IMR powders or low pressure ball powder loads (other brands), but personally I found the fouling a bit harder to clean out than some other powders. It seems the powder solvent isn't quite as quick to cut through it.
All in all, it didn't do badly. If I were to insist on a ball powder I would probably use it again, but for my purposes I prefer H4350. IDShooter

PS- I'm still tempted to try Tac or X-terminator in the .223 but haven't had time or $ lately!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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