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Ramshot X-Terminator or RE-10X ?

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Do you any of you have experience using both of these powders? How similar are they? If you couldn't get one, would you substitute the other (not the same exact charges, of course) and expect to get good performance from whichever cartridges you reload with these powders?

This is for one of the wildcats I've been working with and when I went out to buy some Ramshot X-terminator, I could not find it anywhere. I would like to use RE-10X as a substitute, but want to have a better understanding of whether or not the two are close enough to do that with.

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Lots of experience with RL10x. Works great in three different .204 Rugers and my first choice. No experience with Ramshot X, but I do now own some but I haven't had time to use any of it yet.
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