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I would like recommendations for a medium priced range finder. By medium, I am talking in the $200.00 to $300.00 range more or less. I am looking for 600 to 800 yards range, 6 power, able to range on angles. and durable in the field. Not opposed to paying less for quality, but don't see need to pay much more.

Would welcome any comments, experiences, recommendations, etc.

Many thanks...
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I have a Nikon 1200 Lazer which I've been very happy with. My son has a Bushnell legend which can't hold a candle to it in side by side testing.

Leupold has a ranger but according to the reviews I'd read it's hard to use and almost impossible with gloves.

I've used a Lieka, it worked well but was more bulky and wasn't the equal to Nikon. It would range on clutter instead of the target. Example; trying to range antelope it would pick up the grass in the foreground. This can be programed out of the Nikon.

Might want to check buyers ratings at on-line stores like Midway USA.
I've had a Nikon for nearly five years. Used it mainly to determine range markers when hunting from deer stands. Been blessed with the ability to accurately determine distance with my eyes so the Nikon is more too verify my estimates. Comes in very handy when sighting in or checking the sighting of rifles in a hurry.
I don't have much trouble estimating distances to 300 yards. Every now and then I'll under estimate something big time, such as antelope in bright sun.

You are correct about setting up for sight-in. Saves time pacing off the distances especially at longer ranges. When doing coyote or deer sets, I'll make mental notes.... 260 yds to that clump of aspen, 185 to those bushes, that washout over there is 110 yds... ect.
This link is to a post I made a while back comparing my son's new Bushnell to my older Nikon.

Note to Rubberduck, the prostaff is Nikon's entry level while Bushnells Legend was their top of the line. At least until the recent introduction of Elites and Fusions. Hardly a valid comparison price or quality wise.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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