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I would like recommendations for a medium priced range finder. By medium, I am talking in the $200.00 to $300.00 range more or less. I am looking for 600 to 800 yards range, 6 power, able to range on angles. and durable in the field. Not opposed to paying less for quality, but don't see need to pay much more.

Would welcome any comments, experiences, recommendations, etc.

Many thanks...
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I've had a Nikon for nearly five years. Used it mainly to determine range markers when hunting from deer stands. Been blessed with the ability to accurately determine distance with my eyes so the Nikon is more too verify my estimates. Comes in very handy when sighting in or checking the sighting of rifles in a hurry.

Generally it works very well on game deer size but smaller game like prairie dogs cuts your range considerably. I've found the most trouble with ranging something in tall grass or reeds. There is enough reflected waves that you tend to get questionable readings. Found that if you experiment a little its easy to still get an accurate reading. Just have to change your technique a little -- not just point and range.

At one time the laser rangers available from three manufacturers appeared about the same in physical appearance and construction. I've always suspected they were all made in the same factory in some Asian country. Before I bought my Nikon I was talking to a Nikon representive and made that comment. He replied that I wasn't too far from the truth.
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