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This isn't quite a hunting story, but it happened in the hills in Idaho. It's close enough, I think.
A few years before my father passed away, he wrote his autobiography and had one book published for each of his children. In it, we discovered a story about a rattlesnake that he encountered when he was about 17. The year would have been about 1935. Dad helped his sister and her husband back pack into the woods where her husband wanted to do some trapping. They stopped at an old cabin and unloaded their stuff. Dad went over to the wood pile to bring in some kindling and scared up a rattlesnake. It started to disappear into the logs but Dad grabbed it by the tail. It twisted into a crack or something because he could not pull it out of the wood pile. Not wanting to turn it loose, he found a nail with his free hand and nailed the snake's tail down to a log. Then, deciding that he ought to have a souvenier, he took his knife and cut the snake's rattle off.
The next morning when he got up for some wood, he discovered the nail was still there but the snake had managed to rip free. He wrote that it probably had not been a wise move because somewhere around there was now an angry rattler with no warning system!
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