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I have seen the new RCBS, but have not used it. It is a substantial improvement over the previous model and essentially built to compete with the Dillon. I do, however, own three Dillons; 1050, 550 and SDB. If the only thing you will load is handgun, the SDB will meet your needs. But, if you ever intend to load rifle in addition to handgun, the 550 or the 650. I use the 1050 only for .45, but I shoot a lot of .45. Wonderful machine. When I looked at changing calibers to include .223, I found I could buy a 550 for about the same money and add the versatility of additional calibers on it. I now load most of my rifle on it. The SDB is superfluous at this time, but I'll keep it for smaller projects.


1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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