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I have to agree with handloader. I got my rock chucker in 1970 while stationed in Stockton Ca. Ive used it to load from the 22 hornet to 458 mag, plus once used it to crack black walnuts
(I know it wasant designed for that but it worked--coundent find out where the kid put my hammer). Had a Hornady 007 that I gave away, sold my rcbs 4/4 and use my green machine for a boat anchor on my canoe. Got my Dillion in 88 (550b) and havant looked back since. As posted elsewhere had a couple of problems and a quick phone call to them and found out 2 were operater malfunction and they cleared the other probs. for me over the phone. I use my rcbs for a few specialty loads, other wise I load both rifle and pistol on the dillion

Gun Runner :p

Did you rally use your green machine for an anchor or is it tucked away under you re-loading bench?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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