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i use my dillon 650 for everything except when i load cartridges that have compressed loads or loads where the powder reaches the top of the case. progressives can spill powder if your not super careful as they index. for those loads or loads where i want EXACT powder measurements i use my rockchucker from RCBS and powder is measured and loaded one at time. so when i am loading for my 458 winmag its single stage RCBS. for pistol ammo like 45acp or loading plinking rounds for the .223 and .308 its dillon.

nothing wrong with either and there are places for both. i have seen people bring single stage presses to the range and load there. if your just starting it really doesnt make a difference as to which you get progressive loading is less labor intensive and loading is faster. progressive presses are much more expensive than single stage presses. the diff really is in how much money you want to spend.

if money isnt as important as time spent at the press then progressive if money is the issue then single stage. i used to shoot 45 almost everyday running through several thousand rounds a week. the progressive was a godsend. now that i shoot maybe once a month and the main rounds i shoot are .308 and .458 i spend more time at the single stage press.

anyway one isnt really better than the other they are useful in different ways for different needs. with the amount i shoot now i couldnt justify a progressive's costs. i started with a single stage and found out i needed a progressive, now i am back to single stage. :)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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