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If I was just reloading handgun ammo I would skip the single stage all together as they are discouragingly slow.
People generally shoot more handgun ammo than precision rifle, so some sort of a production pace will become important real quick.
If a progressive is biting off more than a novice can chew, I would get a good turret press, probably a Redding, the Lee turret is a good one too I hear, and cheaper to buy.
A turret press works just like a single stage but its 5 times faster, and you dont have to change the dies for the next process.
A progressive press is 5 times faster than a turret. They really arent that complicated, they do the same things as a turret or single stage press, just all at the same time.
I use a Dillon 650 for all my handgun ammo and a Redding turret for my rifle ammo. I really couldnt ask for a better set up.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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