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So many great ideas here.  I used to have a Lee bench loader for a .308 Norma Magnum.  Wish I'd never sold that combination!  

Anyway my economical press set up is a &#3610 dresser fro the used furniture store.  On it is my Dillong 550B, surrounded by scale, funnels, allen wrenches and other quick access tools.  My lube tray is paper towels soaked in One Shot lube.  I currently load for five calibers to the sixth drawer holds the labeling  stuff and other odds and ends like the OAL Gauge and such.  

Next to that is an old piece of furniture I used to have in a dorm room (for stereo).  It was made from one piece of 1/2" plywood.  It holds my MEC Jr. bolted to the top, I load sitting down on the bottom section.  Inside is room for powder, primers (separated), wads, shot, tools, 3# coffee can for trash (yes sometimes I ruin a case).  

These two "benches" take up about a 4x7 of floor space counting my standing room.  I do have a storage trunk for unused equipment or "someday."  It holds unused scopes, slings, old fired cases, and whatever.  My case vibratory sits on the floor because it works best there.  

At this point, my setup is not locked to prevent small children out.  That is preferable.  But my youngest is 17 and knows better that to touch my stuff without my presence and special permission.  (I got my bluff in a LONG time ago!)  
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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