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This is a picture of my reloading bench setup in a basement closet that is under the stairwell. I ran some 2x6 cleats along the walls on each side that are fastened to the studs. A 2x12 is fastened across the front edge for beefy press mounting and 2x6's across to the rear about a foot apart. Then a sheet of 1/2 plywood was fastened over the top for a smooth surface. The shelf to the rear butts along the top against the angled(stairwell) ceiling. Plenty of storage left underneath to the rear of the closet. Installed a flourescent fixture and pulled up a chair and was in business. This pic was taken about 12 years ago. I have since made a setup to quickly change presses on the benchtop. Also the shelves are LOADED now. Just offered here to give others ideas.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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