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Well... I finally got my 444 Outfitter the other day.  Even shot it briefly this morning and it's a honey!  Now, my question is about measuring pressure.  Though I never hunt or shoot regularly with max loads, I still consider it important to know how much is too much.  The last time I went into detail studying the effect of pressure (30-06), I did a lot of measuring of case heads to compare pressures and eventually figure out max.  This of course is with the same lot of brass and in the same rifle. Sticking of cases only told me what way too much was.  I always felt primers were too crude to tell me anything but when a load is way over max.  

So my question is... Am I on track with the 444 in a Marlin or is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for any help.

God bless...............  Bill M

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You're right on target with the case expansion!  Using published max data in your particular lot of brass, then measuring expansion in the web area of the case, then using that as a reference point for your own load development.

Might I add, that when using published data as a baseline, that most of that data is dictated by litigation evasion tactics... Use your own judgement here.

Extraction in the .444 isn't an indicator I even want to see, if it sticks, you're in BIG trouble!

As far as primers are concerned, they can give you at least a cursory immediate visual indicator.  No, I don't use them as my yardstick, but my experience has shown that the classic pressure signs do show up pretty consistently with increased case head expansion.   This varies from primer make and manufacturers,  and the thickness of the primer cup.

I think that you are on the right track, and as always my friend , prudence and common sense must prevail.

God Bless,

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