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Ready for turkeys.....

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they are gobblin'.....
anybody else as excited as me....?

i have 3 youths to take on youth day.. awesome

after that... I might try to guide a few hunts on game land...
c ya
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Legal if equipped with mud tires, I think ;)

ummm, yeah I think you are good.... I'd have to check, but I think slicks are illegal.
hey Slim... gettin' back to ya a lil' late, but here's the season

yep heard some in the woods yesterday..they have few natural predators here in n.c. stanly county..
now after they hatch the raccoons an such will get some of the chicks..slim
can somebody tell me exactly what is the turkey season. here in stanly co. n.c.
youth day is April 3rd (just so happens to be the start of trout season)

Regular season starts April 10th and lasts until May 8th.... and that is for the whole state...
the season is not broken into sections like deer season....

There should be a good number of birds near you. Plus, you got Uwharrie that should have plenty of birds....of course they are all over the place nowadays.

I hunted mountain gamelands last year, and plan to do the same this year within an hour or
so from Catawba County. Lots of predators around here.... bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and other large cats, i've seen their tracks and locals know they are around... and of course there are plenty of the nest and poult opportunists......
I don't consider black bear a turkey predator, but I imagine one would eat an egg if it found one. However, last year was the first time a black bear messed up a turkey hunt while I was teaching a buddy how to hunt for the first time. heheheee.... yep, that broke him in real good to nature.... Too bad he got upset the following week at me for filling my 2nd tag of all things. I missed a huge gobbler that morning (did I say that?). Then we joined up, started walking up this ridge, he didn't think there were any turkeys up there and wanted to go back to where we saw some the previous day.... well, I didn't want to go there so I said go ahead... I am going on the other side of that ridge. No sooner did he sit down about 500 yards from where we parted.....came a big 'ol boom from the other side of the ridge.... oh well, that's huntin'... I almost didn't shoot, and wanted to go back and get him... but I knew my wife would be happy for me to be tagged out cuz she was tired of hearing me make coffee and gettin' ready at 3:30-4:00 in the mornin'... Man,,,,,.... I can't wait. Well, I may as well get outta here, watch a little March Madness.... good luck
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