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Ready for turkeys.....

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they are gobblin'.....
anybody else as excited as me....?

i have 3 youths to take on youth day.. awesome

after that... I might try to guide a few hunts on game land...
c ya
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Saw one run across the road in front of me this morning. Gobbler with about a 4 inch beard. Almost got mine with the car, before the season no less!
Legal if equipped with mud tires, I think ;)
One of my buddies just mentioned that ours starts this weekend as well! I had been planning on going up to paint blinds anyway, will have to get a little hunting time in....
We nearly got one on highway 59 with the vehicle on the way in.... hen walking across the road!
I saw a dozen hens last weekend, but another guy was at the lease yesterday (or the day before) and didn't see anything. Guess they aren't ready to be called just yet! It was windy as heck earlier in the week and maybe they just shut up for a while????
Good for you, Chief!
I gotta get some calling in. Maybe next weekend......
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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