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Ready for turkeys.....

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they are gobblin'.....
anybody else as excited as me....?

i have 3 youths to take on youth day.. awesome

after that... I might try to guide a few hunts on game land...
c ya
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I have had two days hunting where there are a good number of turkeys. I have heard birds and seen lots of sign but nothing to show. I have hunted the weekends at our lease down state where we have 4 turkeys on our property. Two old toms that have given up on women and two old hens that have swore off old men. The food will be good and old friends will make it worth the trip. Who knows? Someone may stumble on one of the old hermits.
I saw a dozen hens last weekend, but another guy was at the lease yesterday (or the day before) and didn't see anything. Guess they aren't ready to be called just yet! It was windy as heck earlier in the week and maybe they just shut up for a while????
Has anyone had any luck bagging a thunder chicken yet? Today was our opening day, but I didn't go. After 2 weeks of 80 degree weather, the temp dropped into the 40's last night. I kind of figured that the birds might to reactive to my calling. Oh well, there's always next weekend.
We got one today on the lease. It was our 1st bird since 02. Needless to say we were very excited. This bird was a good gobbler with 3/4 inch spurs and 10 inch beard.


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Good for you, Chief!
Way to go Chief!! My spot will reopen tomarrow. It was closed due to a fire. Maybe I can find a roasted
I snapped this yesterday at Indigo Farms at Myrtle Beach. The chickens were driving him loony.


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Way to go chief
I have two guys from Arkansas up hunting this weekend. I'm getting a real education in turkey hunting.
Both are using 10 gauge autos with 3 1/2" shells. Pistol grip and hollograph sights. They are serious.
They called in three yesterday evening. And are out hunting again.
The Toms are answering calls now.
Me, I'm sitting in camp trying to do some business on my laptop and tending to some llevos rancheros sauce cooking on the stove.

On a bad note, had my new Polaris Ranger stolen out of my driveway last` week. Had 15 hours on it. Three locks don't help much. Insurance paid for most but not all. Aren't I in a good mood! I'm trying-

Shoot first-
I gotta get some calling in. Maybe next weekend......
Well guys I have been after them since march 15 haven't had any luck yet. worked a few birds but I,m hunting public land so when they gobble everbody comes running. thats just the nature of the beast though. gobbling activity seems to have picked up here in north alabama here in the last week or two i got 11 more days to fill my tags and then theres always next year
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