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I've been in contact with the following tool makers about a reamer for my wildcat:
JGS Tools
Manson Reamers
Elks Ridge (same as Pacific Tool & Gauge???)
Have I missed anybody? Can anyone recommend one manufacturer over other?

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Suggest you contact Dave Kiff at PTG. He has done a lot of neat wildcats for match & LR shooting. If you look into the spec sheets, you may find your wildcat,or something very close to it, has already been done. Save yourself a lot of money if you can use an existing reamer.

I did that when I was looking at a 6.5 Gibbs style wildcat built on a 308case. I compromised and got an off the shelf 6.5-08AI from Midway. I figured for not moving the shoulder another .015" forward and having a steeper shoulder angle, I could cut my reamer cost in half.

Also look at Midway for the wildcat reamers. They are having a sale on now and if one fits what you want, even better.

Good luck...

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