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Reassembly help

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My no brother good in law decided to clean my shotgun after he used it. He totally disassembled the action, and then couldn't put it back together. I can't either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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I have sent you an email.  If you will answer it I will send you a bitmap file of all the directions, complete with pictures.  The book that contains the information cost $18, so since I am saving you at least that much money, I ask that you make a contribution to the Beartooth Bullets Web fund.  You do not have to, but it would be nice.  The amount I will leave up to you.
Two Bellies;
  For some reason page 3 and 7 did not go through.  It says your mail-box is full so if you can empty pages 1,2,4-6 I will send 3&7 again.  As luck would have it, these are the two pages you probably need most.  Page 7 is the tips on reassembly page.  Anyway, let me know when you box is emptied some and I will forward these again.
OK, maybe we got this thing licked.  I converted it all to jpeg so they wouldn't take up so much room and resent pages 3 through 7.  With any luck you will have them all now.  Hope it helped get that shotgun back together.  Let me know if any of it doesn't come through.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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