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      Alyeska338 gave good advice! I certainly second the vote for Douglas, I think they are the best bargain out there. But if I were intent on spending more and wanted to be sure of getting my money's worth I think I would get a Hart barrel. I base this on very limited observations at our local shooting range. I have not seen anyone bring out a Hart-barrelled rifle that shot less than wonderfully, but I HAVE seen guns made up with barrels from other well known makers that didn't shoot any better than my factory-barrelled rifles. None really shot badly, though. I think all the makers Alyeska mentioned make good quality barrels.
      The deciding factor is probably the gunsmith! You could take the nicest barrel in the world, screw it on crooked, chamber it out of alignment with the bore and set the headspace wrong and it likely won't shoot worth a darn. Unfortunately, I have no recommendations of national 'smiths, only having experience with local fellows. I would check out customers of your local gunsmiths and see their work first-hand. Good luck!  ID

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