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Probably not. S&W wouldnt like it!

What kind of "horsepower"?

Higher velocity or deeper penetration. If your cylinder is long enough 200 gr. bullets in the .38 Spl are VERY deep penetrators. Lyman makes a very good mold - round/flat nose and the RCBS 200 grgc for the .35 Rem/.356 Win is a great bullet in the .38 Spl. Lots of good Lyman load info around.

I like the 180 gr LBT style bullet in the .38. I have a plain base mold from NEI. I would try some Beartooth bullets of 180 or 200 gr wgt if penetration is what you are looking for.

If you want velocity for a self protection load probably 125 gr jacketed fn are in order. Remember that we are approaching winter and that leather and padded winter jackets are pretty good stoppers for light bullets.

The .38 Spl is very useful if you give it a chance.
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