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i have submitted an idea for a recoilless automatic weapon to lots of manufacturers. most with no reply. a few years ago H&K did not have the funding for a new and radical weapon they said. a few months ago general dynamics didn't see sufficient benefit to continue reviewing the idea.

man. they never even tried.

I was in the army once and i remember while using the 3 round burst on targets 300 meters away the 3 shots would land a few/several feet apart from each other. even with the light recoil of the m16a2; that little tap on the shoulder makes a helluva difference at that range.

the principal is real simple; divide the kinetic energy of a fired round in half and disperse in opposing directions at an equal rate. the result is that the two forces push into one another and cancel each other out.

i read about a fighter plane sometime back in the 20's that fired two large caliber rounds simultaneously back-to-back; the result was a recoilless weapon allowing the plane to maintain high speeds while going in for an attack. it was phased out quick because the rearward moving round was a friendly fire hazard. but it gave me the idea anyway.

the idea involves pry 6 magnets, a gear and axel, an attachment to the rear of "the big round heavy thing in the a2 that breaks down into like 8 parts"- bolt housing?- can't remember term at the moment- and probably a thin but high strength steel wire. there are a few variations in this idea because im not sure which one will work best; but i've even aticipated things like venting gas from the fired round to balance out unequal transfer of kinetic energy due to loss from friction.

the best idea i have though is very simple- the fewer the moving parts; the less friction; the less chance an unavoidable loss of energy will be unbalanced.

anyway; just wondering about what everybody thought and if anyone could help. seems none of the major manufacturers will listen.

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I can't help you with manufacturers, or design comments. I'm an anachronism. I think gun design stopped at the turn of the previous century. :D

You stated you have been in comunication with numerous gun makers about your concept. They turned you down, or ignored you.

Please consider getting your ideas and concepts patented ASAP!
Gun makers have a history way back to black powder days of ignoring others ideas untill they think they can claim them as their own.
It's happened before, don't let it happen to you.

Just my sincere suggestion.

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