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id just put a standard 3 by 9 on it.. my cz 452 has a simmons.. tough little scope.. its been on 30 06 an stood that guns recoil for 2 yrs .. now its just as good as it ever was on the 22..i was piddiling yesterday ..
cutting ribbons off gum trees at 35 yrds..1st shot to the middle then one to top an one to bottum ..a good rest for the gun and its in the bank..
im not familar with your gun .. but the ammo i was using was federal target, that comes in 325 boxes ,from walmart.. cheap but plenty accurate for plinking..
at out to 65 yrds ,a head shot on a squirrel, is easy as slicing bread.. good luck.. slim
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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