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After dragging my feet for many years and metering each charge weight by hand when loading single stage, I've done it. I bought the Redding powder measure. Why did I not just spend the money years ago? This product is as good as it gets.

Per the instructions, I graphed out a power chart last night. This gives a very close if not perfect measure of what setting to use for the charge weight you want without the trial and error. Using the measure is a breeze, its smooth as silk. If your in the market for a powder measure give this one some thought. Its the most exspensive but for my money Redding products are worth it.

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I couldn't agree more!  I've used an old RCBS Uniflow powder measure since my parents gave it to me for my 12th birthday (yep, I got bit early with this handloading bug).  I thought that I was going places, and had used it for so many years I didn't give a second thought to powder measures.

Used the Dillon measures when I went progressive and they worked fine....

Then, in a stroke of extreme blessing I was at a yard sale here in N. Idaho... and behold, a Redding BR3, in the older yellowed box, with instructions, unassembled for &#3615.00!  Thought I'd rip my pants pocket off getting my wallet out!

I will never look back.  You are so right about the Redding BR3 Powder measure!  A lifetime investment that will save incalculable amounts of time!

I have found all Redding products to be of the same top-drawer quality, and their customer service to be some of the best in the industry!

God Bless,

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