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Redfield Accu Range

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Has anyone used the New Redfield Accu Range? I have been trying to decide if this is a scope that I want to purchase. I have always used Redfield and Leupold, but looking at this scope it makes me wonder if it is something I should try. I have read the reviews but everything says the same. I want a few opinions and thoughts before purchase. I am either going to purchase the Accu Range scope or stay with the 4-Plex. Thoughts???
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I'd look at all the reviews I could find on as many web sites that have reviews on this scope. Who better to ask than people who already own them? I don't have one so my opinion counts as ZERO. Also, read the bad reviews and pay attention to what they say. Some people will complain about anything, but some will give substantial advice that needs to be heeded.
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