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refinish pics??

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looking for pics of refinished 94's. i been kicking the idea around of getting my newly acquired 94 duracoated, or cerakoted. ruining value or collector value is irrelevant to me as i will be keeping this gun and passing it down to my son as it was my grandpa's gun. it will be a shooter and not a safe queen. any pics?
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I just redid the stock on my BB 307 winchester . It had no finsh left and the high comb of the stock had been removed .
Following the instructions on Birchwood Casey Tu-oil refinshing kit , now have a finish as good or better than it had from the factory . And with the oil finsh , it is nothing to touch it up after the hunting season.
The kit comes with every thing you need and cost next to nothin'Your biggest investment is a bit of labour. the more time spent sanding , the better it going to come out . As the saying " Even a CAVEMAN can do it "
I had gone my ol' Marlin about ten years ago and it still looks very good.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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