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Reflex sights on and AR

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I bought a SightMark reflex (not red dot) sight at Cabelas a while back for my Colt M-4 .22. This is the first reflex sight I've had. It has 5 brightness settings for the aiming spot, all noticeably brighter than the last. On the gun, in the house, any of the brightness settings were perfectly visible. However when I took it to the range, in broad daylight but under a roof cover, the aiming spot was completely invisible even at the brightest setting. With close inspection you could see that it was actually there but completely useless for aiming. I have returned it to the store but I got to wondering if this was normal? Doesn't seem like it should be but I've never had one before?
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I'm partial to the Burris Fast Fire II myself. It gives you that "open" style sight picture you are looking for and is more affordable (I've seen them as low as $176 USD online) than an Aimpoint. I believe NC Star makes a similar reflex scope. Anyhow, I use one similar to the Fast Fire slightly offset with my telescopic sight for that "just in case" need to rapidly acquire a target, whether it be paper or coyote...hope this helps some!
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