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Reflex sights on and AR

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I bought a SightMark reflex (not red dot) sight at Cabelas a while back for my Colt M-4 .22. This is the first reflex sight I've had. It has 5 brightness settings for the aiming spot, all noticeably brighter than the last. On the gun, in the house, any of the brightness settings were perfectly visible. However when I took it to the range, in broad daylight but under a roof cover, the aiming spot was completely invisible even at the brightest setting. With close inspection you could see that it was actually there but completely useless for aiming. I have returned it to the store but I got to wondering if this was normal? Doesn't seem like it should be but I've never had one before?
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I agree with the "price" theory though not in this case since the brightness doesn't seem to be the problem but rather the design of the reflex itself. Besides this is for a .22 that I bought for cheaper practice than with my standard AR. It's just not worth spending $300 plus for this type of use. I have a red dot on my SKS that I like but I was just hoping for a more "open" style of sight. But obviously that comes with a price. On the subject of "co-witnessing" the sights. 'Splain something to me. Chris' rifle picture looks like it shows all three sights -rear, middle and front, all in the same plane. I sure couldn't use a red dot in that configuration. I remove the carry handle and mount the sight on a riser to get it just over my fixed front sight. Using it at 50 yds. or less doesn't present any point of impact problems for me. Am I seeing that right?
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