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An Update

Another update for the Forum Members..., as well as and are running on the new server, which is co-located directly off the Time Warner Network. When my father mentions that our server is faster than Google, he's refering to the average data transfer rate and ping times to most of the nation- meaning that most of you will be able to reach our server nearly twice as fast as you can Google. While we could never match the speed of the hundreds servers Google uses, the new server is running over five times the resources that the previous machine was on.

I will be shutting down the forum system some time this evening while I transfer the data, do some data repair/upgrades, and prepare everything for the new forum software. You'll see no data, settings, or general look/feel loss nor changes, however a multitude of new features will be apparent. If I'm correct we'll be the very first Shooting/Hunting community to be running the newest vBulletin 3 software.

Thank you for your support during this transfer, after things go offline, keep checking as I should be able to seemlessly make this thing transfer for everyone- shouldn't even be a bit of DNS or "Page Cannot Be Found" errors on anyone's end.

If you have any questions, or need to contact me during this time, please feel free to email me directly, [email protected].


Alex Stanton
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