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Reloading 44mag

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I am trying to use RCBS 44mag dies; but the resizing die is almost impossible to work. I lube my cases and have clean the die but it is so tight I can barely articulate the press. 44 mag cases are suppose to have an external diameter of .456; the die resizes down to .449 which is .007 smaller than the cases are supposed to be. Has anyone had this problem or heard of it before and if so what was done to correct the situation.
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I've been reloading .44 Magnum for quite a few years and it has always been harder to size than my other straight walled cases (proportionally). I have Lee and Lyman carbide sizing dies and it just seems to be the nature of the beast. Mebbe my 5, .44s have large cylinders/chambers? Dunno, but my brass has lasts many, many reloadings. My turret press has plenty of leverage, but my C-H "C" style single stage press can get tiresome sizing .44s because of less built-in leverage. Plus what's hard for me, may be a piece of cake for you, hard to tell...

Sometimes I'll use my Lanoline/Alcohol case lube to ease the process. ;)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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