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Reloading 44mag

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I am trying to use RCBS 44mag dies; but the resizing die is almost impossible to work. I lube my cases and have clean the die but it is so tight I can barely articulate the press. 44 mag cases are suppose to have an external diameter of .456; the die resizes down to .449 which is .007 smaller than the cases are supposed to be. Has anyone had this problem or heard of it before and if so what was done to correct the situation.
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I use a three die set of RCBS with a carbide sizer die. My cases come out about the same diameter as yours are and I've been shooting them that way for many years. I don't know why you are having so much trouble articulating the press handle. Is the bottom of the die correctly adjusted to the shell holder? They can require a good deal of effort to cycle. Maybe you should consider getting a carbide die for your sizer die and not have to lube the cases at all. It's a lot faster and eliminates one potential problem right out of the gate. I will emphasize that the handle can be somewhat difficult to cycle depending on how strong/weak you are. It's hard to say it's difficult but it does require some effort to squeeze that brass back to the correct size. We're talking about pounds here, not ounces. Revisit the die set up and see if it's correct. If it's still a problem, send me a PM and I'll contact you and walk you through the set up procedure if you're new at it. I've been at it a while......well over forty-five years reloading.

Almost forgot.....Welcome to the board.
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