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I have read that some manufacturers ream the neck region with one reamer then the case body with another, for economic reasons I don't understand. This apparently introduces some possibility for a case neck that is not in perfect alignment with the body. That is mostly what you are hearing about, I believe. The Reddings are supposed to be made with a one piece reamer. (This is all second hand info, I cannot vouch for it's accuracy.) I personally have used Redding, RCBS, Hornady and Lyman, and I don't feel I've ever had a bad set. Maybe MikeG will pipe up here, since I believe he has a concentricity gauge and perhaps can introduce some scientific comparisons!
Now, if you step up to the bench rest dies made by various makers, including the bushing type dies from Redding, you truly are talking about a more precise piece of equipment. And they often work differently than regular dies.
I think you should consider your application. I have been able to get MOA or less with every brand of die that I mentioned. If that's enough accuracy for you, then I wouldn't worry about it a lot. If you are looking for less than .5 MOA then maybe it's worth a look at the bench rest dies. ID
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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