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Reloading shotgun slugs

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I have a deerslayerll that has been in the cabinet for years. All of my deer hunting is done with black powder. Anyway

I want get out the ole deer slayer and use it but the slugs are so expensive it's prohibitive. The "shotgun" has a rifled barrel. Is it practical to reload slugs for this gun? I have been lookin around a bit and see that Lee makes a slug mold where the slug can be loaded in a AA hull. I have a Lee shotgun press that I have used for shot for years. Anyway can someone help me with this problem?

thanks for the help
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Thumbs: You will find data for the Lyman 525 sabot slug in the Lyman Shotgun reloading manual. There is data available online at the Hodgdon website for the Lee slug and for slugs of the same weight as the Lyman, 1 1/8oz.
I believe you can load a .500" caliber bullet in a wad to shoot out of a rifled barrel. This is an area I'm just learning about as well.
Cylinder bore on a 12 ga. rifled barrel is nominally 0.730". If you are going to shoot a bullet that is nearly a quarter of an inch smaller, you are going to need a sabot designed for the job.
If you are confident about your .50 MLer, think about the shotgun slug this way: a .50 cal llead round ball weighs 177 grains. Velocity about 18-1900 fps. The Lee 7/8oz slug weighs 382 grains. Velocity about 1500 fps; the one ounce slug weighs 437 grains. Velocity about 1450 fps.
I just thumb seat the slugs. I use a roll crimp tool to finish the shell.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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