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Reloading Supplies

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Fixing to get back into reloading after a number of years. Where can I get the best prices on equipment??
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It depends on what equipment it is.

You could try your local gun shows, mail order, garage sales just about any place. Some good used equipment has been purchased this way.

In mail order, you have Midway (sale items), D&R Sports, Wideners, Grafs and Sons etc. for tools and components. Then you have surplus powder and component guys like Jeff Bartlett.

Do shop around and compare prices and consider shipping costs as well.

Ahem, forgot to mention the guy that owns this website for bullets also. :biggrin:


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When all is said and done, it is hard to beat Midway's great combination of quick turnaround times and no shipping charges. Furthermore, unlike some other mailorder companies that will remain nameless, they do not play the "Well it's out of stock right now, would you like the item that costs twice as much instead?" routine.
Midway is a longtime backer of the NRA as well. I like 'em a lot.
Along with Midsouth Shooters Supply(yes Marshall excellent book prices) and Midway I have found some good deals at Lock Stock and Barrel also.  Just like everything be sure to shop around.  I have found some items even with shipping included still cheaper than those with free shipping.

Have a good one...
Welcome back! My first suggestion is that you contact the BATF and obtain a Curios & Relics Firearm License. This will get you discounts with many, many equipment suppliers. Second, contact Graf & Sons in Mexico, MO 800-444-9360. Their prices are better than Midways. They don't pay the frreight but it's still cheaper this way. I am a reformed Midway customer myself------------------------------------------------> Bob
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You might want to try Hunters Sport shop.  He bought out Badgers Shooters Supply Lyman inventory. and has been selling it at a real decent price.
Fixing to get back into reloading after a number of years. Where can I get the best prices on equipment??
How long have you been out? I've recently faced this. Was out for almost 20 years. Finding out that a lot of new tools have come out. Seems I'm on a constant learning curve now. This is a good place to find out about the latest and the greatest.
16 year old thread. I'm sure the OP has what he needs by now.

Reloaderdon, there is a minimum requirement of thread/posts to be able to sell items here. Need to make sure you're not a troll.

Has anybody said ebay yet. I just bought ANOTHER RockChucker cheap enough to give it to a neighbor kid that wants one.
RJ is right. Since 16 years has passed, I'd bet Tony is pretty well fixed for reloading equipment!
well dang! Can't we get the font to turn green or something to show the thread is 'ripe'?
It's so we can catch trolls.

Reloading supplies

I also enjoy Midway, and recommend them. However unless you catch a deal on free shipping for only a given day the shipping costs can be quite pricey ! I have bought a lot from them and really never had a any issues. They are an honest ,fair and reputable dealer! They are my go to supply store.
I'm happy it came up, some places on that list i haven't heard of :)
When I want something I check the prices at all the internet sites, Midway, Midsouth, Natchess, Graf & Sons, Precision Reloading and finally Cabela's. Cabela's tends to be full retail but if you have one locally, they don't charge shipping charges if you can pick up in the store.
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