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Ok i have a few question for you guys, after looking around for some reloading info this is what i have for reloading the 7.62X38R.

Averages of lots of data i found.

Brass 32-20WCF Starline brass
COL 1.520 MAX, but 1.500 is the ave.
.308-.309 jacketed bullets (with Hornady 90gr HP XTP most used)
.310-313 lead (with 100gr-115gr most used)

4.0 gr of Unique with 90gr for around 1000 FPS Around Max
10 gr of Lil gun with 90gr for around 1000 FPS Around Max

So my question is should i stick with Lil gun because i plan on reloading the 22 hornet too or is Unique the better powder and i should get it?

Is there any loading data I am missing? I would hate for my first time reloading to be my last!:confused:

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I have two Nagant's and one will shoot 32-20 starline cases and one won't because the heads are too thick and binds up the cylinder.
I buy some of the HotShot ammo from Midway and after firing I trim the long cases down to 1.40". It helps to have a power trimmer! I then load an 85 grain lyman wadcutter sized .310 over 3.2-3.4 grains of Unique. I also load two .31cal 45 grain round balls over the same charge. they shoot about 700fps over my chronograph.
They are pleasant to shoot and seem very safe in my revolvers but that doesn't mean anything for yours so please be careful.
I load with a set of Lee dies that were made as a special run some years back for Midway which Midway may still have some. I also expand the necks with an old Lyman 310 neck expander size .311. Starline supposely made a special run of 32-20 brass with thinner heads awhile back also. I don't know because I couldn't locate any.
Reloading for my Nagant's is work but I enjoy the work and shooting the guns I call my ugly guns.
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Lazydog I don't believe he's talking about the 7.62x54R rifle round, rather some other smaller chambering. Note the length of the round (38R) is a 38mm rimmed case. Since 22 Hornet is 5.6x35R it would be similar in length only 30 caliber.
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