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Rem 700 trigger?

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Would an aftermarket trigger cure the supposed problem with safety issues on a remington 700.
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On both my 700's the bolt can be opened in the safe position which I believe was after 1982. If the problem is just having the trigger too light then I believe I am fine as any gun could be made unsafe by too light a trigger. No one seems to say what the actual problem is if it even exists, all you here is "the gun could accidently discharge". I've heard no one who says they are defective state what the actual mechanical defect is.:confused:
The problem used to be that "once the trigger is pulled with the safety in the "safe" position and then when the safety was released the rifle would discharge whether the trigger had pressure on it or not".

Going back to RJ's rules of safe gun handling rule #1. TREAT EVERY GUN AS IF IT WAS LOADED AND THE SAFETY DOESN'T WORK.

In mechanical terms, what actually makes that happen? Inadequate sear engagement?

I agree with rule #1. The old gentleman that taught the hunters safety course when my son took it last year asked "what is the definition of a safety?" His answer: " a mechanical device made by man that is prone to failure, NEVER rely on the safety".
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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