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Rem 700 trigger?

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Would an aftermarket trigger cure the supposed problem with safety issues on a remington 700.
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Yup. And keep your replies on the topic of Remington Triggers..... as the thread title indicates. I am going to start deleting posts that go off topic. This is a serious safety issue.
While I don't much trust NBC, there are people on the forum who have reported the issue as having happened to them personally. It is real and folks need to be aware of the potential problem.
And I had it happen with a Ruger 77 that someone had monkeyed around with. So no, it's not brand-specific.

But, it does seem to happen much more often with Remington than other marks. There are lots and lots of reliable reports of unaltered factory guns doing this, and this isn't the first recall, either.

Even die-hard Ford fans had to admit that Pintos would burst into flames when rear-ended!!!! :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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